Beauty and Bloom is proud to announce the arrival from Italy of the revolutionary VIP line technology. We are the first studio in London to have this new equipment which enhances muscle toning, fat loss, increased blood and lymph circulation in the area of stimulation. One treatment is equivalent to 2.5 hours in the gym.

The equipment has a wide range of protocols and during the client’s first consultation and trial session the appropriate combination of treatments for each client will be recommended and discussed.

VIP LINE Plus – Fitness For Face & Body

VIP Line is a physiotherapeutic device aimed at solving various problems associated with a decrease in muscle tone on the face and body.

This treatment uses electric impulses to stimulate muscles to actively contract and “train”. As a result, an attractive body shape is formed as muscles become more elastic and taut. It also speeds up metabolism and removes toxins, fat and excess fluid from the body.

After treatment you not only look better but feel better. VIP-Line is a good option for anyone who desires a non-surgical face lift or improvement in body shape without diets or regular visits to the gym.


Isogel — perfect facial and body care, which Includes:

Fast and complete formation of each muscle and ligament


Skin tone Improvement


Transion —body and face complete beauty treatments for:

Generalised and localised rapid slimming
Muscular firming
Skin toning
Body reshaping

Isogei: Non invasive rapid muscle firming/shaping

Isogei Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment. A rapid muscle strengthening and firming treatment giving non surgical face and body lifts whilst enhancing skin tone.

Rapid firming of each muscle, lifting, and enhancing of skin tone. This treatment suits clients who want a facelift, bum lift, tummy tuck, or those who wish to firm, tone and reshape muscle such as creating a 6 pack in the abdomen area.

Face lift | Bum lift | Tummy tuck

Computerised muscle stimulation that instructs selected major or minor individual muscles into perfect isometric exercise.

Isometric exercise is most effective for increasing muscle strength. Whilst this improves the physical appearance of the face or body, increased muscle strength has the effect of reducing muscle length. This is extremely beneficial in the field of non-surgical cosmetic treatments as it has the effect of causing a sagging face or any area of the body to lift.

A course of treatments will lift and firm any required area. An effortless, affordable maintenance program will help to keep the lift in place.

Transion: Slimming and firming

Transion Slimming & Firming, Body Shaping, Cellulite removal. A localised and rapid inch loss treatment with muscle firming action for slimming and reshaping the face and body.

This treatment suits clients who do not have a lot of fat to eliminate but wish to get rid of cellulite, slim and tone.

A unique form of advanced faradic muscular stimulation, the metabolism is excited through precise muscular movements. 25 minutes of this technique equals 2.5 hours of intense training.

This drives the broken down fat cells through the lymphatic system and then to the bladder, enabling the stubborn fat to be eliminated the way nature intended. The wonderful thing about this treatment is that it accelerates what your body naturally does when you lose weight.

Transion slimming & firming procedure is suitable for :

The ladies who suffer from cellulite and excess fat

  • People who are overweight
  • People with muscle weakness
  • People with poor circulation
  • Men and women with a sedentary lifestyle
  • Weight loss from 0 to 30 kg and aesthetic correction of your problem areas


  • Restores muscle tone
  • Relieves muscle fatigue
  • Relieves fluid retention
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves skin tone
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Works on the areas you want to tone
  • Breaks down and reduces cellulite, body fat and rids you of toxins

At Beauty and Bloom we provide an exclusive service using special equipment.

Electrodes are attached to the muscles that cause the muscles to work as well as during exercise. As a result, there is an increase in muscle tone, fat loss, increased blood and lymph circulation in the area of stimulation. This allows us to quickly remove excess water and substances in it, (easy draining effect) from the treated area.

These fluids are in circulation, and are removed after a short period of time, through the normal urinary system.

Moreover, muscular work activates metabolic processes in the whole body. As we know, muscles need energy to perform the movement, the energy comes from fat tissue that surrounds the stimulated area, immediately burning carbohydrates and then fats.

At the same time, due to induced muscle contraction, there is an immediate recovery of the muscle tone.

In just 25 minutes visible and measurable results

Procedures are carried out in a day, and a whole course starts from 10 treatments, to restore the shape of one area,  up to depending on the individual. After a course of treatments, we recommend that you receive maintenance procedures 1-2 times a month.

With this procedure, you strengthen every muscle group which does not happen with ordinary exercise. For example, the muscles of the inner thigh which are very deep are normally difficult to tone with exercise alone.

Vip Line Treatments for Face

Vip Line has a positive effect on blood circulation, enhances the function of renewal and regeneration of skin cells. After the first visit, the face looks noticeably fresher, the skin tone is felt.

Stimulation of the face muscles provides a good tightening effect without the use of traumatic surgical interventions – the relief becomes smoother, the surface is pleasant to the touch with minimal visible age-related changes.


  • Lifting effect
  • Increased skin firmness and elasticity
  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Reduced double chin
  • Improved complexion
  • Reduced puffiness
  • Clear face contour
  • Clear cheekbone